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  • Riley rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe Irish kids book
  • Chloe Cloud and the friendly fog Irish kids book
  • Fifi flurry and the sleepy Snowflake Irish kids book
  • David drizzledrop and the puddle party Irish kids book
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Sleepy Chicken

Book Bundle (set of 4)

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A bright and colourful book is a must have in your little one’s Christmas stocking.

Set of 4 includes:

Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe

Chloe the Cloud and the Friendly Fog

FiFi Flury and the Sleepy Snowflake 

David Drizzle Drop and the Puddle Party

A fun way to learn about wether with little ones with the help of beautiful, bright illustrations.

Irish Author

Suitable for ages 3+

Woman Owned Brand 

Not on Amazon

Riley Rainbow is the happiest rainbow but today he has lost his bright colours! With the help of his friends, Riley begins his colour mission. 

Something has fallen from the sky and Chloe will solve the mystery with the help of her friends.

David is a nervous little drizzledrop but today he overcomes his fears and shows us the rain cycle along the way.